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It's Time To Unleash

Sex is this wonderful, amazing, toe-curling, time-stopping, transcendent, connective experience...


And if that were the case, you wouldn’t have found your way here.


More likely, your sexual experience is one filled with dread, disappointment, fear, and trying to make your cringes of pain look like fits of ecstasy.


Mantras like “let’s get this over with,” and “we’re almost done,” and “I can take it” play on repeat as you try to pull yourself away from the invisible razor blades tearing through your vagina.  That is if you’re still having sex and haven’t moved on to worrying if your partner is going to leave because it’s been so damn long...


Perhaps you’ve been met with, “Just relax,” “Have a glass of wine,” “It can’t be that bad,” “Maybe you just have to find a better position,” “Try harder,” from well meaning friends and family.  


Maybe you’ve (finally) found a professional who believes you and agrees it’s a problem.  So you’ve gone on the epic quest of doctors and therapists


And muscle relaxers

And lidocaine

And dilators

And capsaicin

And botox

And toys

And antidepressants

And lube

And surgery

And you’re still wondering why you’re so fucked up and why sex can’t be easy like it is for everyone else.


Stop.  Breathe.  


About then is when the Little Voice pipes in saying you should just give up, just accept that this is what life is.  Accept that you’re broken and no one will want you and that you should just take what you can get and stop whining because there are other people in the world who have it so much worse.


Yeah, no.


Just like you wouldn’t be here if sex were bliss, you wouldn’t be here if you really believed that Little Voice.  You know that sex can be amazing.  You know this isn’t low libido or not liking sex.  You know you want to feel your body tense with pleasure, not pain.  You know in the deepest parts of you it is completely possible, and fuck you, Little Voice.


This is your affirmation that you are right.


You can live life excited about physical intimacy, free of the “will it be better this time?” worry.

You can enjoy those playful neck kisses, instead of shying away from them because you’re afraid of where it might lead. 

You can have pain-free sex without the constant, never ending slog of maintenance stretches and medications.

You can experience turned-on tingles without going into numbed-out shut down.

You can melt into your partner, feeling open and connected and safe.

You can be free in your body instead of caged by it.


You are absolutely right.  You can have all of these things.


Here is where you will make it happen.


Welcome to Your Unleashing


All sessions are remote and will be done via video chat.  Booking links will be provided once payment has been processed.


Rhiannon has helped hundreds of clients relieve their chronic pain and take back their lives.  After spending 10+ years doing #AllTheThings to resolve her own painful sex and PTSD symptoms from sexual assault, she dedicated herself to showing others how to free themselves from their bodies-turned-cages.  Her gift is in seeing the threads of connection from your symptoms to the roots of your pain.


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