The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Thearpy®

The Arvigo Techniquies of Maya Abdominal Thearpy® is a protocol for massaging the abdominopelvic area. Dr. Rosita Arvigo learned this sequence from Don Elijio Ponte whose teaching lineage traces directly back through the Maya civilization. She then integrated her own osteopathic knowledge as well as techniques taught to her by Hortense Robinson, a renown midwife and traditional healer, creating a protocol which has profound impact on the digestive and reproductive systems (amongst other benefits). The goal of the massage is to help the body reach its most optimal state of function and being by improving “the five systems of flow” - circulation, lymph, nervous conduction, hormones, and energy - and centering the uterus (if you have one).

Session Flow

As with any modality, each practitioner sets up their session a little differently though all Arvigo® sessions will hold the same elements. I begin with a thorough - like we're going to talk about your period (again, if you have one), bowel movements, and emotional holding

thorough - intake. For anyone who just had that “Hold on a minute!” moment, you can breathe; it's very conversational and much less intimidating than it might sound. Next is the self care. I teach you how to massage your own stomach (pictured in the background) . It's a fantastic tool you can use for forever! And finally, you get massaged!


Think about how often you touch your open stomach. It's usually solely when you are either sick or in pain, right? And the times another person might touch your stomach are even fewer. This makes the abdomen a really sensitive place for massage. Raise your hand if you think having your belly rubbed by a stranger would be weird. Raise your hand if you do not like having your stomach touched. You are not alone!


These two reactions are part of the reason I teach self care first. It gives you the exact knowledge of where we'll be working and how, allowing us to build up a sense of trust. They are also party of the reason I encourage you to choose whether you want to disrobe for your sessions or remain clothed. The only thing that matters in this choice is your comfort. The massage is just as effective under both conditions.

Where We Work

Being a core focused massage, we will not topically address the entire body in an Arvigo® session. We will work from the pubic bone to the xiphoid process (the pointy bone that makes up the bottom of your sternum) on the front of the body and target your low back, glutes, and hamstrings with some work down the spine and at the tip of your coccyx on the back. As sessions progress and you solidify your self massage habits, we will expand the sessions to include other areas involved in the compensation patterns affecting your pelvic bowl and integrate other techniques. Arvigo® Therapy specific treatment plans tend to last between 3 to 10 sessions in my experience. However, it is important to remember that every body is different.  It could be beneficial to do more and in some cases, you'll need less!

Arvigo® is safe and effective for nearly everyone in every stage of life. Some reasons you might consider an Arvigo® Therapy session are

Male Anatomy

Non-bacterial Prostatitis

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Enlarged Prostate

Pelvic Pain

Sexual Pain

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Weak Sperm

Blocked Vas Deferens

Female Anatomy

Painful Menstruation



Vaginal Pain

Sexual Pain

Menopausal Symptoms


Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Every Anatomy

Urinary Incontinence, Leaking

Urinary Frequency, Urgency

Digestive Issues



Low Back Pain


Jaw Pain

Sexual Abuse Recovery

Fertility challenges

Essentially if it's happening in your core, Arvigo® can probably help.  For those of you thinking you might like to try this massage and still have questions, feel free call or text me at (856) 857-7535. Those of you who are already pumped to get started can call to schedule or