If you are looking for a "just to treat myself" massage, I am not your therapist.  My goal is to help those who are in pain - trapped in your body, living a half life - feel whole and part of the world again.  While I do leverage the relaxing effects of massage, sessions are clinically focused guided by your communication.  Sometimes I think of it as therapeutic fluff!  We work together to create an effective treatment plan and find self care tools that you can easily integrate into your routine to get you back to your life as soon as possible.

Though I have always loved to massage (I've massaged since before I can remember according to my Abuela), I truly understood its power once massage helped dissolve my own pelvic pain and heal my sexual trauma.  Traditional pelvic floor physical therapy, capsaicin creams, and talk therapy were unhelpful at best, re-traumatizing at worst.  I felt broken, dirty, suffocated in my own skin, as if my body hated me.



License #18KT00767200

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Massage and energy work were the breakthrough I needed. I was finally able to rebuild the life I felt I lost, empowering myself to self love, and banish the pain that made me feel less than human.

I hope to help you illuminate your darkness.  I strive to make my massages as multi-dimensional as the people they serve - grounded in anatomy and guided by intuition to solve the puzzle of your pain.  Magick mixed science.  If you are ready to work intensively in a supportive environment to reach your goals, I look forward to working with you!