3 Signs You Have a Happy Period

“Have a happy period!”


Associated with feminine hygiene products, the slogan insinuates that a “happy period” is made solely by your ability to “plug it up.” But is the privilege of reaching for a pad or tampon really all that it takes to embody the bouncing, running, twirling women experiencing joyous menses in the commercials? We know otherwise.

Here are the 3 signs you are truly having a happy, healthy period.


Irregular menstruation is usually the first and most obvious sign that something isn't quite right with your cycle. The average menstrual cycle lasts for 28 days starting with 5 days of bleeding. Cycles that are considered normal can range anywhere between 21 and 35 days with 3 to 7 days of menses.

Consistent late, early, or erratic cycle starts or bleeding lengths is a sign you should consult a healthcare professional. Seeing Bright Red

Health menstrual blood is bright red and fluid. Dark, thick blood more brown in color is the remnants of periods past. Seen at the beginning of your period, this blood was left over from your past cycle. If seen at the end, it is blood your uterus could not expel from a period months or even years past. Clots (the almost back gel pouch like things that you might sometimes see) are an indication that the uterine membrane is not producing optimal amounts of fibrinolysin - the substance which breaks up these clots during menses.

No Cramps!

It's not hard to have a happy period

If the uterus is optimally positioned to shed it's uterine lining and there are no impediments to it's release, PMS is nonexistent! Bloating, fatigue, low back pain, dizziness, cramping, mood swings and all of the other symptoms women have come to grimly expect as a normal part of menstruation are not. Sufficient blood and lymph circulation throughout the pelvis means a blissful period for all!

So, how do you get a happy and healthy period? Check out next week's article!

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