Length, height, and depth.

Those are our 3 spacial dimensions according to our elementary school science and math classes. We use "3D" to reference reality.

Thanks to HG Wells and Einstein, we know that our reality actually consists of 4 dimensions: length, height, depth, and *time.* Time and space, once thought to be separate entities are inextricable components that make up our 4D, spacetime/timespace reality.

Why don't we speak about reality this way? And why does it matter?

Nassim Haramein elucidates the mild insanity that exists in the logic of our geometry in one of his lectures. You start with a point that doesn't exist. Connect two points and you get a line segment which also doesn't exist. Put three or four lines together and you now have a nonexistent plane. Slap a few planes together, and boom! Existence!

(At some point this year I will finish that lecture and learn how he continues from there lol)

Now, I disagree with Haramein on one point; those nonexistent points, lines, and planes do exist. Outside our tangible perception. Since we debunked spontaneous generation, something must happen to transform nonexistence into existence on this plane. That is the addition of time. Duration. A thing that does not last is no thing at all. A tree cannot fall in the forest if it possesses no time to fall.

And here is where we hit the hiccups in translating our technical understanding of the world to our practical understanding. Explaining how time is boun

d to space requires we divert from the preferred mechanical model of nature. It requires the decidedly-not-taught-in-elementary-school world of Quantum. It requires consciousness.

Consciousness. Memory. That is the glue that holds spacetime together.

Making the switch to automatically think of 4D reality instead of 3D would then also require that we acknowledge consciousness as an integral, creative force of existence. And that all matter is conscious.

Consider that all creation myths begin with some form of consciousness, even some explanations for the Big Bang, to explore that last point. Because memory is the marker of time on this plane, either the consciousness that initially collapsed into matter must still persist or another consciousness must have taken over. And since we experience ourselves as individual consciousness (setting the collective unconscious aside for this discussion), it is logical to assume that all other matter also experiences itself individually.

Now let's add some Chaos.

Creation Stories also often share the element of four pillars upon which the world stands. The four legs of the Cosmic Animal. The arms and legs of the Goddess who is the sky. The four (or four pairs) of deities who began Creation. Four pillars, four dimensions, held up by a representative of consciousness.

One of the primary tenants of Chaos Theory is that simple causes create complex systems. From four comes all.

Acknowledging 4D puts active conscious creation at the forefront. When we understand the four dimensions of consciousness not only as their timespace manifestations, but as consciousness we can tap into that design and shape our tangible reality.

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