One of the worst things we have done to ourselves as humans is equate Masculine Energy with biological maleness and Feminine Energy with biological femaleness.

Feminine and Masculine energies are distinct (though there are signs it is blurring as is evidenced in 4D by the surge in awareness around LGBTQI existence). Feminine demands and receives. Masculine creates and provides.

Feminine energy is not fierce. It does not slay. It is not strong.

Women are those things.

Masculine energy is not gentle. It does not caress. It is not sympathetic.

Men are those things.

Human beings (and all consciousness) emerge as the interplay between the two Energies. Like fencers dancing back and forth within the energy field, it is the degrees of interaction between Masculine and Feminine within individual selves that creates the complexities of human expression in the world.

Let's look at reproduction as a poignant example. We have assigned pure "feminine" to women in this context because we focus on the container properties of the womb, and pure "masculine" to men because of the nature of ejaculation. However when we look closer at the process, we find the distinction muddies quickly, and the roles of Masculine and Feminine mix within both male and female.

The uterus ushering the sperm toward the egg (sperm can only swim about a centimetre in their entire lives on their own, so no epic quest of fighting through inhospitable terrain here) is Masculine in its guiding action. The egg's selection (again, no fisticuffs to beat out the other sperm) of the sperm is feminine in its demand. The creation and delivery of sperm is (explosively) Masculine. It's carriage to the egg is Feminine.

When we deny, suppress, or confuse the inter relatedness of these Energies within ourselves, we get massive confusion about how we exist in the world. Feminism goes off the rails and demands death to all men. Red Pill communities spring up in resistant response.

Being a "good boy/man" or a "good girl/woman," two concepts so similar in denotation, are ripped to opposite ends of connotation. Emphasis (conscious or not) is thrown heavily onto the physical form of the person as definition of acceptable behavior instead of focusing on the potential of our "good" or eudaimonia.

We are creatures of Duality. Imagine our power when we claim both.

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