Amy: Severe Neck Pain Vanished

After struggling for a year and a half with severe neck pain - 8 on the pain scale - that made her feel “useless,” Amy’s headaches and pain vanished in just 1 session.

The pain started around the same time she began caring for her aging parents. At first it wasn’t so bad. As time went on, Amy would wake up every day to an average 8 level throb in her neck. It got worse throughout the day, affecting her jaw, upper back, shoulders. It even started to cause headaches. By the time she got home from work she was exhausted and, in her words, useless.

Her exercise routine, a source of much needed stress relief, suffered. She stopped attending Spin Class because the position of being on the bike hurt too much. Running became shorter and less frequent as the impact became more and more unbearable.

She saw chiropractors and massage therapists. She saw doctors who prescribed muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. She stretched and did yoga. Nothing provided lasting or complete relief.

At a friend’s referral, she scheduled with me.

We got to work unwinding the tangled emotional patterns revealed in our intake and assessment. Patterns tracing back to when she was 3 years old were manifesting as physical pain in her body.

An hour later, she felt no pain at all - a sensation she hadn’t felt in over a year.

Amy is a beautiful example of what it looks like when you open up your mind to possibilities beyond structural causes for pain and do the work to dismantle trauma. What an intense session. Great job!

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