Auto-response: Funny Glitch to Chronic Pain

Running on autopilot can lead to some ruefully funny facepalm moments. Like realizing, after an hour and three different representatives on the phone,

That the unknown charge to your credit card is for a parking ticket

For an expired meter

That was never expired

Because instead of inputting the rental car’s license plate number into the kiosk

You sleepwalked inputting your own car’s license plate number

(eh-hem… me a week ago 👀🤦‍♀️😆)

Your bodymind ingeniously saves vast hours and energy through these autopilot life hacks, compensations and shortcuts that are effective because they take advantage of the fact that “near enough” is often more than sufficient.

Yet, “near enough” sometimes falls short, and the short fall can result in outcomes that are anywhere from silly inconveniences to chronic pains.

For example, your recurring low back pain might be because your nervous system is overloading your hamstrings to compensate for your glutes underfiring due to inadequate ground force feedback from restricted foot mobility.

Or your anxiety could be increasing because your knee jerk interpretation of sensations of joy is an experience of overwhelm due to a mental shortcut straight to a past trauma response.

Our bodyminds care far more about the overall experience of a life event than they do about the details of those experiences and will create them based on that priority. With the back pain example, you’re after the experience of walking. With anxiety, it is intense emotion. The little detail of “quality” in living those experiences is listed far lower in importance and the autopilot functional organization reflects this.

Unwinding these pattern requires

Learning to have clearer conversations with your unconscious/body

Reinterpreting signals that have stagnant associations, and

Reformatting the quick and dirty route to be the most optimal pathway for your desired function, not just the most readily accessible (ie the one that is perpetuating the dis-ease).

Essentially, you’re looking not to eliminate your autopilot (which would both figuratively and literally kill you), but to reprogram it. It takes some doing to create this type of new being. And it will save you time, money, pain, and a whole bunch of facepalm moments once you do 😄

running on autopilot can create chronic pain
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