Case Study: PCOS

I worked with a client a few weeks ago who had "nothing specific" other than some pain in their ankle that was worse in the mornings and prevented standing for long periods of time to work on, and was just curious to see what my work, especially with it being distance, was like. As we talked through the intake, they also revealed insomnia that seemed to be in some ways hormone related, excruciating menstrual pain stemming from PCOS, and a feeling of drag in their business.

Within those seemingly disparate symptoms was a common thread: feeling judged and unheard by others.

We worked through a correction to release the judgement that was being held. Then we walked through a journey which ended up connecting this person to their Future/Higher Self.

The next day, this client reported a self adjustment in their ankle as soon as they got out of bed, and then no more ankle pain. Two weeks later

"The pains are gone!!! Literally and figuratively. The physical and the emotional. I truly cannot believe the difference. I can't even tell you how my life has changed these past two weeks. I thought I might never feel this way again. I'm in awe and filled with complete gratitude. Should anyone ever question or hold reservation to the value you provide, please let this serve as the catalyst to allow your gifts and talents to serve them in the utmost and highest of transformation."

No ankle pain, no PCOS pain, no more ruminating on past wrongs, and feeling of flow in business!

Take Away: Sometimes there is a keystone. Seemingly separate symptoms might all be stemming from the same source. When working with a practitioner, a full history is important to find patters so don't be shy on details even if it doesn't seem relevant to you. When working by yourself, journaling can be a great tool to help you process your story and notice patterns you might have overlooked.

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