I used to think I worked with pain. Then I thought I worked with trauma.

I've come to realize that I work with Self. Trauma and pain are the portals through which people find me, are made open to the process that I offer.

As someone who is insanely good at pattern recognition, it's a little strange to realize how much I missed by keeping my mind locked on structural patterns.

That every client who came to me with pelvic issues was basically screaming, "I have no boundaries, and even if I did they wouldn't matter..."

That every client who showed up with low back pain existed in a place of, "I feel so stuck and I don't know why..."

That every client struggling with trauma symptoms emanated, "But this can't be it. This can't be my life..."

Totally escaped me. Or more accurately, I ignored because I thought it wasn't my business (literally), that people weren't coming to see me for those things.

But human beings are human systems. Treating structure without addressing life is nonsense. Our bodies are part of us, but they are not us and as such behave has portals to our core selves, showing us how to be, begging for us to be who we are.

So here's my scary-terrifying. Writing to declare a thing that isn't even fully formed, only knowing that I must embrace the change and claim who I am.

Time to Dive Deep.


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