It is well established that body and mind are the same entity. Conscious processing happening in the brain and unconscious processing happening in the body, both existing to channel and focus our consciousness and will, and to provide an anchor point for our energy.

Even knowing this, so few actually work with the Bodymind when moving toward better health, higher spirituality, more fulfilling relationships, any of the things. Instead, insisting it must be one or the other.

This disconnect is why I, as a bodyworker, have been posting so much lately on boundaries and mindset and energy. Absolutely we must consider and attend to all of our major inputs (breath, nutrition, movement, rest, and energy). Yet the keystone is the ability to bring all of these things together, considering ourselves as one Human System instead of the separate systems that somehow coalesce to make a human.

When we separate the two and favor one aspect over another, we create imbalance, handling issues best addressed by the body (such as trauma) with the mind and issues best addressed by the mind (like self image) with the body. We try to make the intangible tangible and vise versa.

Those who favor the mind are the ones who

~ Constantly overthink and over analyze

~ Are perpetually anxious

~ Struggle with depression

~ Have a difficult time feeling and expressing emotion

~ Feel unmotivated

~ Take on everyone else's problems

~ Forget to eat

Those who favor the body

~ Practice high forms of escapism and risk taking

~ Experience addiction

~ Consciously over or under eat

~ Are ruled by their emotions

~ Have perpetual brain fog

~ Are the definition of Adrenaline Junkie

When operating within the wholeness of your Bodymind, you can

~ Resolve trauma, preventing it from manifesting in symptoms

~ Live in health and flow

~ Uphold your boundaries

~ Stand in your standards

~ Express confidence

~ Have all the energy you could ever want or need

~ Trust

What camp are you in?

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