Elaine: Braver and Bolder

Elaine now rates her anxiety at “maybe a 1” when before it averaged around 5 after just a 5 day free course.

Elaine spent her whole life thinking being anxious was just how she was, something she couldn’t track and couldn’t change. She didn’t know why she didn’t feel safe in her own body or why she couldn’t give herself permission to feel that safety. After 6 months in therapy, she was fired as a client because her therapist didn’t know what else to do to help her. Working on grounding and guarding her energy alone, she mostly felt confused.

Taking my course, the presentation of spirituality and the science behind it helped her to embody the tools where before they were only intellectual concepts. Adding potency, working through the workbook questions enabled her to look at her life in which “everything is traumatic” and identify her core trauma, an act which has fostered greater self empathy and understanding.

The result is Elaine is braver.

The thought of talking to the cashier at the store used to set off cascades of anxiety that made her shrink, put her head down, and close into herself. She would ruminate on awkward interactions at work, getting tangled up in how to fix them. Often she found herself procrastinating doing necessary things to avoid that discomfort and the accompanying overwhelm of thoughts.

Now the procrastination is gone. Elaine sees these interactions as neutral facts; events that do not need to affect her. She released the immense pressure she put on herself to every conversation “right,” and is actually having fun in her life!

Here’s to keeping up the play, Elaine!

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