Healing Trauma is Unnecessary

It is NOT necessary for you to heal your trauma. Le Gasp! But I’m a trauma worker. I’m supposed to be telling you that it is your Moral Human Sacred Imperative That you heal your trauma. It isn’t. You can live with it. As you know. Because you are living it. Just like my client today. This young lady began seeking trauma therapy when memories of her molestation at the hands of her father resurfaced a several months ago. She has been to trauma camp, art therapists, and was already seeing a psychologist. Her psychologist assessed her condition as so dire that that professional recommended institutionalizing her for more “intensive” care. But why? Why are her triggers getting worse? Why are treatments so ineffective? In her own words, “It’s just that I’ve learned to live with it. And if I say I want that [to feel safe and good], then I have to change. I don’t know what would happen then. I don’t know what that feels like.” Boom. Right there. Freaking GLORIOUS moment in a glorious session! She doesn’t really want it. She doesn’t want to heal. She doesn’t want to feel safe. And (I’m about to drop a hard Truth here, so if you’re not into it, stop reading now 😃 ) Neither do you. It is more important that you know what to expect, to stave off surprise for as long as possible than to shift. Than to even Own Wanting to feel differently. You’ve gotten used to living with the flashbacks and extremely limited human contact. You can get down with the mild, neutral grey place of “It’s fine. It’s not great. But it’s not bad either… This… This is fine...” … *Twitch* 😂😂 You have set feeling safe in feeling unsafe as your normal. And you’re not looking to change that any time soon. Which actually is fine. But since panic attacks suck, the next one hits and, because it’s “what you do” in the era of “woke”, you double down on the EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, somatic experiencing, or whatever other trauma treatment you’ve been attending once (or five times) a week Even though you’ve been finding it agonizingly slow, or entirely ineffective. It is slow and ineffective not because that’s "just the nature of healing trauma." (Wow, I've used a lot of air quotes in this one 😂) It is slow and ineffective because You Are Not All in. You are content in your half life and so content to half heal. And none of your therapists will call you on it. They will either encourage you to either keep coming, repeat the pattern, because you’re making the kind of progress expected, or they’ll throw up their hands and refer you out. They will never find the real issue because they will never think to ask. Because of course you want to heal your trauma! It would be nuts if you don’t! Accept for when you don’t and when it isn’t. And when you don’t and when it isn’t, and you go through the rote motions of healing, you will essentially spend lots of time and money to Lie To Yourself until you wake up. Or die. Now, if that sounds appalling You need someone who is going to ask the questions. The precise questions in the precise order calibrated to open your bodymind so you can actually FEEL where your desire is. You need someone to condense the 6 months to 2 years (VERY low estimate since I’ve seen people go as long as 40 years in this state) it would take for you to see your own bullshit into 30 minutes And then guide you through all of the other portals no one else has ever thought to even look at let alone open. But where, oh where, do you get a taste of that kind of magick? 🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣 https://rsconsultation.as.me/?appointmentType=16850762

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