An ode to those experiencing #trauma. An ode to those in #chronicpain.

You are a #Badass.

You are Badass not because #yousurvived. Not because you are somehow, saintedly, limping along and #MakingItHappen. Not because you manage to make everyone around you feel comfortable because you can hide the shattered-slimy-messy inside your shelled out body, zipped up behind a #smile and a few, occasional, acceptable-type tears.

You are Badass because you #Chose.

You chose to come here.

You chose to have this experience.

You chose to open your field to this agony.

And then you chose to #keepgoing.

You are choosing every day to #moveforward and do the work of unraveling the #entanglement in the excruciating "why."

"#Why is this happening?"

"Why won't it stop?"

"Why did they do this?"

And to stop that next logical misstep - those they, they chose too. You are not responsible for what others chose.

But what others did is not this point in your life.

They are #notthepoint OF your life.

The point of #yourlife, at this point of your life, is the pin-prick of the most dazzling light that you see shining through the key hold/hole somewhere deep inside this dark-shadowed pain.

It's the inevitability of unlocking it.

It's the potentiality of cracking open your #humanity to reach into the center and experience your #God Self.

And that #Courage, that #Heart, that #Willingness of your #Spirit to run headlong through the hell fires of unimaginable pain

That is why you are a Badass.

Happy (Dark) Heart Day

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