Who are you?

Age old question.

One with no answer.

Because identity is a Feeling. It is a Knowing. It is a Philosopher’s Substance - ineffable, indescribable, imperative.

You know who you are. You know who you are not.

It is wordless.

Yet, in an effort to describe our Selves, to ourselves and others, we rely on the words.

Which get tangled up with events and things.

The ethereal self made solid creates meaning where there is none.

It creates purpose.

And angst.

Tying up who you are with what you do, what you own, what you have experienced is the greatest source of pain.

Self Inflicted.

You are You Unconditionally.

But somehow you’ve forgotten.

What happened is now you. How you look is now you. Where you are going is now you. Who you hang with is now you.


They never were. They never will be.


Detaching from those non-yous is freeing. And terrifying. And unthinkable. And must.

You are You Unconditionally.

Who are you not?

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