Intuition Vs Trauma and Fear

“How do I know it’s my intuition?” is a stupid question. (“But there are no stu-” 😏 Yes, there are, and this is one of them 😆) It’s stupid because it’s false. Misleading. Meaningless. Stupid because it further dissociates you of your senses. The only reason you ask is because you fundamentally DisTrust and DisLike the person you think your Self to be. Intuition IS Knowing. Know, Like, Trust has become an ax-iom of judgement that’s blade we’ve turned outward as we refuse the terror of turning it upon ourselves, feeling the verdict would be blunt, harsh, and lethal. Yet that is not its true nature. Knowing - a place of no question Liking - resonating with a corresponding body Trusting - belief in knowing, finding value and solidity in liking Know, Like, Trust is the process of Intuition as an expression of and movement from Self. Questioning your Intuition is questioning your Self. Is it enough? Is it good? Is it worthy? Does it even exist if no one else is around to hear it Fall? All the Love and Light memes say, “Yes!” To which the Sad-Angry-Anxious Critic in your head yells, “So prove it!” (Dance, Monkey, dance! 😂🤣😂) But there is no Proof. Asking your intuition to prove itself is like demanding the Magician reveal how magick is made before you allow yourself its experience. There is no Proof. Not of your Intuition. Not of your Self. Only Trusting, Liking, Knowing There is only acting in UnKnowing until only Knowing remains. It requires embracing the grievous Sin Of Arrogance Of Pride Of Self-Sourcing As you crack the shell of illusion and shed the false identity of your Self as Traumatized. Pretty monstrous prospect, right? 🙃 Because how savage would you become if you act without check? How alienating would you be standing in your Self? And, let’s face it, how boring would your life feel without the Sad-Angry-Anxious constantly berating your brain?! 😂 You Know it would be Gloriously Monstrous. You Like it’s Delicious Expansion. Now, will you Trust your True Self in the UnKnown, UnReserved?

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