Jeff: From Disability to Storm Chasing

Jeff ditched his antidepressants, is back to work and chasing storms on the weekends just 1 month after more than a year on disability in excruciating low back and groin pain that kept him from even making a short trip to the grocery store.

For a year and a half, Jeff struggled with increasingly intense pain in his left groin and hip which throbbed into his low back. He’d seen doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists. He ran through his life’s savings and dipped into his retirement to cover the costs. Through all of that he still felt unheard, found no relief, and was told multiple times he would be managing his pain for the rest of his life.

Jeff found me on Google.

When we met, his life had completely fallen apart. He was living on disability insurance barely able to sit for 20 minutes to perform desk duties, never mind any of the bending, lifting, or walking requirements of his job. He had to give up storm chasing. Get-togethers with family and friends ceased because he couldn’t stand for them to see his condition. Topping it all off, Jeff’s ability to care for himself dwindled. He couldn’t go grocery shopping, couldn’t stand at the stove to cook; he was essentially trapped on his couch, trying in vain to find a comfortable position.

He felt so hopeless his primary put him on antidepressants.

Where the bulk of his previous care providers focused on the locus of the pain in his back, I uncovered the true epicenter of the pain pattern and we went to work.

After our first session, Jeff went an entire week with minimal pain. It wasn't perfect, but he could stand at the stove and laying on the couch wasn't so arduous.

After three weeks, he felt confident enough to plan and go on a trip with some family and friends to Atlantic City. He walked the entire boardwalk multiple times that weekend. The only thing he felt after? Some mild tightness in his quads.

Two weeks later, he was able to return to doing the thing he loves most: storm chasing. He sat for a 5 hour drive to Massachusetts, caught some spectacular photographs, and made the ride home no problem!

Now he’s back at work and feeling better than he has in years. In his words, "You gave me my life back."

Jeff was a stellar client: super diligent in making his healing his top priority, consistent in his home care, and ferocious in his own advocacy. I am so happy I got to work with him!

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