A base precept of science as it is currently taught (and biased) is that all of nature - from qarks to cosmos to consciousness - is mechanized. If we can just find the right formulae, all of the causes will be revealed and we will be omniscient.

This view is why we spend so much time, energy, and money on finding the pill or surgery that will fix pain. Why we put so much effort into managing our thoughts in order to manage trauma. Why specialty upon sub-specialty is developed in order to research the increasingly complex nature of the body - genes, biochemicals, neural wiring, etc.

When we think about humans beings, we create dissonance in that we either think of people or we think about parts. Within the mechanistic view, we then have to find ways to deny the wholeness of both; parts that are meaningless and fractured without the overall framework, people who are reduced to the sum of their parts.

But where inside the flesh bag does the person sit? There is nothing to indicate that the mind exists within the body, that it is simply a messy byproduct of neuron firing and peptide release. And looked at in this view, there is also nothing that says moving your body is any different than moving a water glass. (Woot inherent telekinesis!)

If we were the machines we have been taught we are, our circumstances/nurture would dictate more than (a max) of 20% of our responses to life and would certainly indicate that our genes would have more than (again, a max of) 50% influence. And it would definitely mean that our thoughts, our choices, that remaining (minimum) 30% factor, could not influence either. Yet choice affects, and can permanently change, both behavioral and genetic expression.

You have so much more control in your world than you realize. You have so much more control in your life than what you let yourself believe.

Where will you break your mechanized programming and take control next?

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