Run on Chaos





Just plain fucked up

Crazy (in the bad way) is the most generous adjective I've heard.

Yet for me, this year has been crazy (in the good way), phenomenal, amazing!

Even better than last year when I spent a month traveling through 3 different countries and made $100,000.

This year, I upleveled

my business,

my adulting,

my friendships,

my relationships,

my eating,

my exercise,

my sleeping,

my communication,

Every aspect of my life has catapulted forward and upward in magnificent, thrilling flight.

Why? Twofold.

2) I run on Chaos.

Chaos magick. Chaos energy. The energy this year is heightening and building, Chaos is the invisible, almost-pattern of life that holds and releases all potentiated energy in an infinite kinesthetic dance.

Chaos in trauma looks terrifying as fuck; a dangerous, destabilizing drop. Chaos approached in survival leaves you crawling from one "Okay, I guess I didn't die" to another.

Chaos as you are now, sweeps you up in the rip tide, tumbles you in the current and crushes you under the pressure leaving you disoriented and out of oxygen. I lived here for most of my life. There was a period I didn't shower for 2 weeks because I was so depressed.

Living in trauma/survival/Shadow mode and being someone who naturally runs Chaos energy = recipe for disasters of the natural (consequence) kind that cannot be solved by the tools designed for those who run the softer, gentler, more forgiving energies.

1) I am trauma proof.

Chaos in thrive, in released Light, in trauma-proof, you are the mystical mermaid you always knew yourself to be, effortlessly navigating vortexes and whirlpools, thrill-riding tsunamis, exploring the mysteries of the depths.


Work with me to find out.

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