Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Like many emotions, we tend to intellectualize this feeling of not moving forward believing that somehow, if we just will it hard enough, we'll pop out of it.

But look at all the different ways we express stuckness in our lives: sticky. Sluggish. Off. Drained. Out of wack. They are all different tactile sensations. Even when we say we're feeling unmotivated we are saying we feel unmoving.

This disconnect between body and mind is often the reason it can be so difficult to pull ourselves out of a funk. We use the wrong tool for the job.

Instead of psyching yourself up or running down the (never ending) list of things you *need* to be doing, the simplest way to find motivation, to get unstuck, is to actually get moving. Do something, anything, different than you are at the moment you feel off.


Go for a walk.

Jog up and down your stairs.

Self massage.

Free write.

Deep breathe.

Make your bed.


Whether it requires conscious thought or is something done largely on autopilot, just get back into your body and move.

You'll find even if you let your brain run all over the place, when you allow your body to create ordered action your mind will follow suit.

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