Swear Word, Curse Word

Mother Fucker

Piece of Shit




Son of a Bitch

Douche Bag





Pick an insult on that list and say it out loud with the same energy behind it as if you were slinging it at someone else in anger. Then remember back to when you were on the receiving end. Notice what happens in your body.

If you're paying attention you'll probably notice some interesting stuff happen in your pelvis. Contraction. Disconnection. Repulsion. That twisty-gross feeling of invasion.

If you're really tapped in you'll likely feel reaction in your heart as well. Shrinking. Sinking. Walling. Numbness.

The same happens when we experience the gestural equivalents. Miming masturbation to be dismissive. Genital grabbing as a sign of disrespect. Mimicking oral sex in objectification.

We have such visceral reactions to these insults because they are demeaning to the very core of our being. Literally. All of them assume that there is something shameful or dirty about our pelvic spaces. They assume that our genitals and our life sustaining functions are so disgusting that we can bring another person low by naming them with body-root slang terms.

They are curses sent straight to the energies that shape our base sense of self and expression.

Now, I enjoy swearing. I find swears cathartic and freeing in stressful situations, emphatic as punctuation, and fun in excitement. I have heard "fuck" used with such joy and sacredness my heart jumped in celebration and my pelvic floor opened in gratitude.

Of course it is not simply the words themselves that are the problem. Perfect example: Spock telling the Counsel in Star Trek: Into Darkness to "live long and prosper." That was most definitely a "fuck you" wrapped in pretty packaging.

Crafting a powerful curse or swear requires putting together both the words and the intention.

Your words belong to you. We have the opportunity to breath life into our worlds with swears or to tear down our lives with curses in every interaction and every sentence. Speak with awareness and intentionaility.

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