Trauma is a Lie. Medusa was Always a Monster

Medusa's is a popular story to revisit in the context of trauma and sexual assault.

The major problem with these interpretations, whether from a feminine perspective or a traditional one, is that they are all predicated on the idea that Medusa was powerless. Objectified, pawned, or pitied.

When in fact

Medusa was Always a Monster.

She was never powerless.

She was a Gorgon, born of Titans.

Her blood held the most potent poison and the power to raise the dead. Her gaze could literally petrify people. She guarded the entrance to the Underworld along with her sisters. The major difference between her and the other Gorgons was that she was mortal, and could therefore pass as human. And in passing, began acting as, mistakenly beginning to believe she was, human.

After Medusa’s rape, the only thing Athena changed was Medusa’s hair.

In other words, Wisdom reminded Medusa who she always was by revealing who she is.

When we are caught in trauma loops it is because we are experiencing this same case of mistaken identity. We have forgotten we are not powerless. We have forgotten we never were.

And in healing, we are killing the bodymind’s recycled lie that we are.

I am writing a guidebook for healing trauma from the lens of Medusa’s myth and re-discover-y.

I'm psyched! Updates to come :-D

Medusa was Always a Monster, Healing Trauma, Sexual Assault
Image: Medusa No. 2, Hiroko Sakai

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