This course is going to stretch you.  It is going to make you angry, and confused, and elated, and “Eurika!”  It will blow your mind, and is the catalyst to moving forward from shame, pain, and trauma.

Over 5 days, learn
-Why you have done so much work and still feel unwelcome in your own body
-What triggers really are, and why they affect you
-How to make the past experiences irrelevant to the future
-The most important question to ask in a healing journey 
-The energetics that tie together (physical/emotional/psychological) pain and identity, affecting all aspects of your life

Work through this course at your own pace within a supportive community with Live Q&A calls every month.

Day 1 - Our Trauma Journey to the Avatar State, Workbook Review Day 2 - Healing Hierarchy, the Physics of Trauma, and Choice Day 3 - Tapping into your Intuition and Light Body to unravel Survival Mode Day 4 - Challenges and Pitfalls in Healing Trauma Day 5 - Who I Am and What I Do

Here you find the key to your freedom.

For months,

for years,

for what feels like an eternity,

you have been trapped in skin that feels twisted and put on wrong,

caged inside a body that's betrayed you.


Chronic Pain making every movement and position torturous 

Painful Sex stifling intimacy and cutting off connecting for fear of pain

PTSD overwhelming your mind, looping you back to relive the worst moments of your life

Endless, Tedious Routines of stretches and tools and techniques and doctors and specialists

Here it stops.

Here the cage opens for you to reclaim your body and your life.

You learn the simple and definitive solution

To access your body's full capabilities and trust your movements

To break the patterns of trauma and pain that have been ruling your life

To enjoy intimacy, and look forward to initiating sex and connection 

To breathe, full and deep, open and joyful

To bringing play and fun back into your life

You untangle yourself from pain and trauma to ditch survival mode and thrive as you were always meant to. As you are built to.

Here you Unleash your True Self and move through the World Unfuckwithable.

Low Back Pain ~ Sexual Pain ~ PTSD ~ Hip Pain ~ Gut Pain ~ Menstrual Pain ~ Neck Pain ~ Shoulder Pain ~ TMJ ~ Fibromyalgia

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