60 mins, $200

For when you want to feel some combination of 

  • Significantly Less and even No Pain

  • Super Relaxed

  • A little "Out of It"

  • Looser and Taller

  • Increased and more Comfortable Range of Motion

  • "Transformed"

A kick-start to your healing on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, energetic), this work focuses on locating the root cause of your painful dysfunction by working with the patterns your bodymind developed in its quest to keep you safe, moving and overall alive. In other words, we're working with the premise "it's not broken, it's just not quite working for ya."

The tools and techniques we utilize depend on your goals and the hierarchy your body/unconscious mind placed around its compensations. This means our session could involve movement therapy, myofascial work, breathwork, neurological resets, energy healing, life coaching, shadow work, straight up Swedish massage, self abdominal massage, visceral manipulation, guided meditationsome intuitive things I do not know how to put words to or any combination thereof. We'll step through whatever door is open.

This process is gentle and fairly simple (despite how it might read), yet also deep, comprehensive and profound.

*Best used as a taster and evaluation to your Bespoke Reset Program, though offers great benefits as a stand alone session as well

Shoulder Massage.jpg