Somatic Pelvic Floor Therapy

for Chronic Pain Relief

Virtual Sessions

Address Pelvic Pain, Hip Pain, Low Back Pain, Groin Pain, Shoulder Pain, and Neck Pain from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a webcam.

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Initial $250

Follow Up $150

These sessions are best for tune ups and seeing how we work together. Check out Programs for Ongoing Support.

In-Home Sessions

Currently serving Philadelphia, PA and the Surrounding areas. Address Pelvic Pain, Hip Pain, Low Back Pain, Groin Pain, Shoulder Pain, and Neck Pain from the comfort of your own home.

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Initial $300

Follow Up $200

These sessions are best for tune ups and seeing how we work together. Check out Programs for Ongoing Support.


Best for accelerating results and integrating lifestyle, movement, mindset, and energetic changes into your life to support your pain relief goals and reinforce the changes made during 1:1 sessions.

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Week $700

Month $1500

Quarter $7000

Bespoke $TBD

Classes & Workshops

Taming Trauma


Break free from trauma loops, shame spirals, and destructive patterns in this self directed, comprehensive course to teach you body based tools to make the energetic and emotional shifts you need to move forward and heal.


Fear & Power

Learn everything you need to know to master your inner world and break unconscious limiting patterns with this exploration into the 4 Archetypal States of Consciousness and a deep dive to The Shadow Alchemy Tool. Self Directed course taught by Luxe Godhead's Genius Giant, Lorna Johnson.


13 Moons

Join me live each New Moon for a group energetic clearing of the Collective Un/Conscious Morphic Field and shift global pain.



Spell Caster's Cacao

Enhance personal rituals and meditation practice with 100% ceremonial-grade cacao blended with a mix of herbs and spices customized for your intention.

Taro Reading and Energy Clearing

Find direction to get unstuck with a tarot reading and clear the stagnant energy that blocks that perpetuated the old pattern, creating an easy flow to begin your new path.


I've studied function, physiology, and anatomy of the human body focusing on the pelvis for the last 7 years, and immersed myself in learning practical application of energetic and magickal theory for nearly 20. Working with me is science-mixed-magick. I combine my formal education and intuition with my experience curing my own pelvic and low back pain and treating thousands of clients' pains to dive deep into your maladaptive patterns and show you how to untangle the root. 


Wall of Awesome


Jeff ditched his antidepressants, is back to work and chasing storms on the weekends just 1 month after more than a year on disability in excruciating pain that kept him from even going to the grocery store.

For a year and a half, Jeff struggled with increasingly intense pain in his left groin and hip which throbbed into his low back. He’d seen doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists. He ran through his life’s savings and dipped into his retirement to cover the costs. Through all of that he still felt unheard, found no relief, and was told multiple times he would be managing his pain for the rest of his life.


Jeff found me on Google.


When we met, his life had completely fallen apart. He was living on disability insurance barely able to sit for 20 minutes to perform desk duties, never mind any of the bending, lifting, or walking requirements of his job. He had to give up storm chasing. Get-togethers with family and friends ceased because he couldn’t stand for them to see his condition. Topping it all off, Jeff’s ability to care for himself dwindled. He couldn’t go grocery shopping, couldn’t stand at the stove to cook; he was essentially trapped on his couch, trying in vain to find a comfortable position.


He felt so hopeless his primary put him on antidepressants.


Where the bulk of his previous care providers focused on the locus of the pain in his back, I uncovered the true epicenter of the pain pattern and we went to work.


After our first session, Jeff went an entire week with minimal pain. It wasn't perfect, but he could stand at the stove and laying on the couch wasn't so arduous.


After three weeks, he felt confident enough to plan and go on a trip with some family and friends to Atlantic City. He walked the entire boardwalk multiple times that weekend. The only thing he felt after? Some mild tightness in his quads.


Two weeks later, he was able to return to doing the thing he loves most: storm chasing. He sat for a 5 hour drive to Massachusetts, caught some spectacular photographs, and made the ride home no problem!


Now he’s back at work and feeling better than he has in years. In his words, "You gave me my life back."

Jeff was a stellar client: super diligent in making his healing his top priority, consistent in his home care, and ferocious in his own advocacy. I am so happy I got to work with him!

After struggling for a year and a half with severe neck pain - 8 on the pain scale - that made her feel “useless,” Amy’s headaches and pain vanished in just 1 session.


The pain started around the same time she began caring for her aging parents. At first it wasn’t so bad. As time went on, Amy would wake up every day to an average 8 level throb in her neck.  It got worse throughout the day, affecting her jaw, upper back, shoulders. It even started to cause headaches. By the time she got home from work she was exhausted and, in her words, useless.


Her exercise routine, a source of much needed stress relief, suffered. She stopped attending Spin Class because the position of being on the bike hurt too much. Running became shorter and less frequent as the impact became more and more unbearable.


She saw chiropractors and massage therapists. She saw doctors who prescribed muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. She stretched and did yoga. Nothing provided lasting or complete relief.


At a friend’s referral, she scheduled with me.


We got to work unwinding the tangled emotional patterns revealed in our intake and assessment. Patterns tracing back to when she was 3 years old were manifesting as physical pain in her body.


An hour later, she felt no pain at all - a sensation she hadn’t felt in over a year.


Amy is a beautiful example of what it looks like when you open up your mind to possibilities beyond structural causes for pain and do the work to dismantle trauma. What an intense session. Great job!

Brandy went from taking 4 Xanax a day to just 1 after only a 5 day free challenge with me.

Therapy and taking 4 Xanax a day is how Brandy has managed her childhood trauma for the past 10 years. Experiencing molestation and the deaths of her younger siblings led to agoraphobia and severe anxiety in her adult life. Her fight/flight response was on 24/7 - she punched and kicked her partner in her sleep, and never felt rested.


She stumbled across my group, Reversing the Shame Spiral, Breaking the Mask, while scrolling through Facebook. The metaphor resonated strongly and she knew she had to sign up.

Day 3 of class, we discussed the energetics of choice, and it finally clicked - not only is it not her fault her brothers died, but her choices and theirs were entirely separate. Nothing she did would have made them make a different choice or created a different outcome. Guilt killed.


This opened the door for her to make some “freeing and terrifying” self discoveries. Her guilt spiral caused her to blame herself for the molestation, unconsciously manifesting in her relationships with her children - holding them too tightly and to too high a standard - and her fiance - punishing him by keeping him at a distance. Now she not only sees these patterns and tendencies in herself and works to correct them, but recognizes similar patterns in her father and is encouraging him to find help.

When we spoke, Brandy was able to tell her story clearly and matter-of-fact. Before our class she would be swallowed by her history and devolve into an incomprehensible puddle. Vicious cycles of thought that would overwhelm her she can now slow down and see the truth. She is also experiencing fewer body tremors and a decrease in the severity of her drop foot, not to mention she halved her daily Xanax use and had only felt the need for 1 the day of our conversation.

And the pièce de résistance, now for the second night in a row she cuddled and carried on a fully present, full-sentenced conversation with her fiance where before she would dissociate, leaving him with only her empty shell.

So much change in so little time.  I am truly blown away!

What made the difference?

A well thrown wrench to stop the speeding carousel of guilt, and a few tools to find and hold on to solid truth.

You are amazing, Brandy, and I cannot wait to watch your progress in our 1:1 work!

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